The betting exchanges cannot be opened in the blink of an eye as they involve much paperwork and the betting platforms need to get the licenses and certifications. Even the betting exchanges have to build the website and assign the marketing odds too. So, to cut short on all this work, the white label betting exchanges have come up. The Betfair white label exchange platform is already present, and many start-ups have opted for it.

The entrepreneurs who want to get into the betting business can become white label bookmakers and develop the betting exchange “powered by Betfair.” There is no need to go through any judicial formalities or get licenses as the white label platforms already function under the main betting exchange.

However, the white-label platform still falls on the back foot regarding customization or recognition as a unique brand name. Here, the white label betting platforms have to struggle a lot to create a name for themselves among the audience. So, if there are advantages of a white label bookmaker, there are some disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of Betfair White Label Platform

  1. Unique Brand Will Not Be Created

The start-ups opting for Betfair white label betting exchange must know that their betting exchange will look similar to Betfair. It is because the white label betting exchange will be ‘powered by Betfair’. The brands will look alike and changes here and there will also not impact your betting platform. So, if you are thinking about the uniqueness of your brand, then the white label is not something fit for you.

2. Customers Like To Bet On Original Exchanges

Betfair’s white label betting exchange lacks originality, so the customers will return to the original bet exchange to explore extra benefits after a period. Only the players for whom Betfair has imposed geo-restrictions will be opting for the white label platform. But, if you want your target audience and existing players to stay and play for long at your betting platform, then you need to add some extra features.

3. Fixed Marketing Odds And Commissions

The Betfair white-label platform does not enjoy the individual license, and they have to depend on the fixed range of settings. You cannot offer commissions or marketing odds on your own. But, use the marketing odds and commissions offered by the Betfair betting exchange. Here, only the developer is only responsible for making the changes and not the white label platform. If you are ready to accept the fixed range of odds, you must only opt for Betfair white label.

4. Full Control Over the Marketing Campaign

Operators like Betfair are always concerned about their reputation in the market. So, they will give the white label bookmakers limited promotion plans to promote the young products. It means you cannot customize the betting marketing campaign according to your will and target audience. The Betfair betting exchange will have a full say and hold on your marketing campaign and will keep on advising you on what to do and what not to do.

5. Need To Pay From Your Profits

The supplier of the betting exchange platform puts restrictions and limitations on the types of things you select for the betting exchange. It can be the software, marketing campaigns, payment system, and much more. Moreover, the start-ups may need to pay a percentage of profits that the brand makes to Betfair. You may get a portion of the commission, but you have to share your profits with the white label betting exchange supplier.


Every business has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, if you are looking forward to getting into the betting exchange platform through the white label system, you need to be aware of its cons. Betfair is the betting exchange supplier, so it will not let the entrepreneurs cause any loss to their brand’s name. It becomes necessary for you to look after every aspect before investing in the white label platforms. You need not assume but understand that the ultimate ownership of the betting exchange will still lie in the hands of Betfair only.