Everything you do for the first time is sure to wow you, whether it is your first crush or your first kiss. Likewise, even when exploring some new domain or traveling, you experience a thrill that cannot be expressed in words.

So, when trying to bet online on horse race software, be ready to learn everything first. Let us start from the basics and slowly take you through the process. When it comes to horse races in the UK, understand that there are two types of races – one is a flat race, and the other is the national hunt race. Both have premium races, and you have to spend some time reading and understanding them respectively before betting on any of these races.

 Check the Casino and Register

In the earlier days, you had an option to bet only from the betting shop. Now, you have the advantage of checking the bet from the online betting site. The comfort of betting from anywhere is what every punter loves nowadays. So, begin by checking the license of the site. Is it enough?

No. You also need to check the bonuses and promotions it offers. Then check for the audits the site does to protect the customers’ data. The process of registering at the site should not be too complex too. Check what the things you have to enter are. This might include full name, email address, residence address, and finally, it may ask you to set up a username and password.

There would be a need to fill up the customers’ identification proof,such as the driving license and other such documents. Check the payment method and the currency too to ensure your convenience.

 Know All about the Bets 

First things first, you need to set the terminologies you will see on the horse race software. This would include SP or Starting Price, Ante-Post or a bet placed before the event begins, and NR or a Non-Runner. These are just a few common ones.

This done, now learn about the horses and the jockey-related information in detail. How has the horse been performing in the last two or three races, and how will this turf hold for this horse- such analyses will be necessary.

Next, check the types of bets and the betting range. It might be anything as little as $0.01, and you simply have to select the amount to start betting on the bet slips. The figure would be visible on the main screen only.

 Types of Horse Race Betting

 Handicap: When you have a weaker and a stronger team, look for the handicap to exist. This will mean that the casino will allow the stronger horse to allow the weaker horse an upper edge. This means the punter betting on the weaker horse can still earn if that horse wins.

 Over or Under: You have to guess what the total corners or the total score will happen. The casino will set this figure, and you bet on whether you expect the score to be above that figure or lesser.

 Match Winner: Simply put, this is the easiest and most commonly used betting for the exact horse you presume would win.

 Outright Winner: This refers to the horse that will win the tournament. There is no beating around the bush, and you simply select.

 Totals: This would ask you to predict the exact number that will come in an event.

Such pointers are enough to get you started. Handling the horse race software will not be difficult if you understand these basics.

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