The first betting exchange in the gambling industry was founded in June of 2000. This exchange was Betfair, and when it came out, it changed the betting world forever. Punters from all over the world came across new betting options that advanced the game further. Now, betting exchanges are a magnet for high rollers and professional players.

This is a result of how betting exchanges operate. The players bet against each other and come up with their own odds. There are no limits on the stakes or anything else. The exchange acts only as the middleman, confirming the bet and earning money by keeping a small commission of the winner’s profit.

Since the big punters prefer placing their bets on exchanges, starting a betting exchange agency seems like a great idea. After all, the betting industry is one of the most growing industries in the world. So, an exchange betting agency can be significantly profitable without also needing a huge budget to start with.


Which exchanges are available at the best exchange betting agency

If you are familiar with betting, then you should know that there are many exchanges out there. A betting exchange agency’s job is to provide punters with access to these exchanges. For example, offers access to some of the biggest betting exchanges in the industry, like OrbitX, Whitehorse, Fair999, and more.

But why would a bettor want to open an account with an exchange betting agency instead of the betting exchange he wants? The answer is that many exchanges don’t offer direct access to their sites. In addition, a betting exchange agency offers many more advantages to punters, like more payment options and single account access. Let’s see some popular betting exchanges:

OrbitX is a very famous betting exchange and a great alternative to Betfair. It offers a great selection of sports and events around the world, from minor competitions to the most major ones. The odds are amongst the highest in the market, similar to those at Betfair. Additionally, the liquidity is exceptionally high, so the bets are matched pretty quickly.

The biggest advantage of OrbitX is the small commission the site has. The exchange charges a flat commission of 3% to all winnings, while other exchanges charge 5-7%. If you also add the high stake limits and the arbitrage-friendly approach, you will see that OrbitX is a great exchange in the industry and an excellent choice for a betting exchange agency.

If you want a betting exchange with a specialty in horse racing, then Whitehorse is the undisputed destination. The site has a great section for horse racing, where you can bet on hundreds of races every day. However, the platform also includes a vast majority of sports to bet on, with the odds being significantly higher than the average sportsbook.

For someone who wants to have the full package with sports betting and horse racing betting, Whitehorse can be the ideal pick for an exchange betting agency. Furthermore, the platform also offers some extra features, like one-click betting. With this feature, the gambler can change his bet so that he can place it faster and have a better time betting.

Fair Exchange is a big competitor to the other betting exchanges, even though it has only been around since 2015. The platform is actually powered by Betfair and offers the same high odds as the pioneer exchange. However, a big disadvantage of Fair999 is the lack of sports variety for betting, with the option of just six sports to bet on.

Still, Fair999 is a great alternative for bettors who can’t use Betfair, and every exchange betting agency should have this platform. On the plus side, we can talk about how modern the site looks, how easy it is to use, and how well it works. Of course, the platform also accepts back and lay bets, as it happens with all betting exchanges.

Another betting site that attracts a lot of punters worldwide is Piwi247. The platform lets you bet on the most popular sports around the world and has a great section for live betting. The betting markets on every event are plentiful, both for pre-match and in-play, offering lots of choices at the highest odds.

But if a betting exchange agency needs a reason to add Piwi247 to its service, then this is the esports section of the platform. Both available for pre-betting and in-play, the site offers over 13 esports to bet on. Some of the most popular are CS:GO, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Warcraft 3, and many more.

Another site that specializes in horse racing is 4njbets. The platform offers every day horse racing events from the most famous track around the world. 4njbets provides punters with excellent information for every race, like the type of the track, the distance, and more. The site also includes guides to horse racing and instructions in case you are not familiar with the sport.

An exchange betting agency should offer access to 4njbets because of the live streaming. Many horse races are covered by live streaming through FanduelTV in excellent quality. This unique feature is not something you can find anywhere, and it is why 4njbets stands out. Moreover, the site has some of the best tipsters to help you with your horse betting selection.

You cannot run a successful betting exchange agency if you do not include Winfair24 on your website. The Winfair24 platform is another Betfair alternative, offering the same high odds and high stake limits. It accepts back and lay bets on a wide range of sports and events. The betting markets are also varied, similar to those of Betfair, for pre-match and live games.

The great thing about Winfair24 is the very quick payout it has, since punters can withdraw their winnings quite quickly. Through the betting exchange agency, punters will find many payment options available, like credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers, e-wallets, crypto, and more. Also, it matches the low commission fee of OrbitX, charging just 3% on players’ earnings.