The sports betting industry is considered to be one of the biggest worldwide. Every day, millions of punters place any kind of sports bet with online bookmakers, making the betting business grow. By the time we speak, the market is valued at about 80 billion euros, with an anticipated annual growth rate of 10.3% until 2030.

Taking all of the above into consideration, starting a bookmaker agency seems like a profitable idea. But what exactly does a betting agent do? To put it simply, a broker (another word for betting agent) is the service that connects punters to sportsbooks and betting exchanges.

This is very important, as not all bookies are available to everyone globally. Especially when it comes to exchanges, many of them have geographical limitations and restrictions. As a result, a bookie agency is necessary. The agent will act as the middleman, so punters can place their bets at any betting site they want.

But how easy is it to open a betting agency nowadays, and which bookmaker should you add to your service? Down below, you will learn some things about one of the best bookmakers available for your agency. In addition, you will see what the advantages are of betting through a betting agent, especially a top agent like


Which bookmaker is available for a bookie agency

Starting a bookmaker agency is the best choice if you want to get involved with the betting business. However, you must be sure which bookies and betting exchanges you should add to your service. Even though lots of bookmakers are available, dealing with the right ones is what will attract punters to your agency and bring you profit.

The best choice for your bookie agency would be an Asian bookmaker. The Asian betting market in general is the largest in the industry, and many players prefer to place their bets there. The bookmaker that stands out and is available for a bookmaker agency is PS3838, one of the most popular services around the world.

The top Asian bookie differs from other betting services in many aspects. But why is PS3838 the ideal bookmaker for your bookie agency? The first reason is the variety of betting markets it offers. In the sports section, you will find over 20 sports for punters to bet on, with hundreds of events available every day.

Additionally, the platform includes all the popular markets for every sporting event. For example, you will see over 80 extra bets for every soccer game, like over/under, handicaps, anytime scorer, and more. On the other hand, in sports like basketball and tennis, the extra bets are over 20, depending on the event and the competition.

The high odds the platform offers are also a great addition to your bookmaker agency. PS3838 is among the services with the highest odds and the biggest payout. In fact, the odds offered by PS3838 can easily be compared to those of a betting exchange. For your information, exchanges in general have higher odds than any sportsbook.

In PS3838, you will also find a great selection of live matches from any kind of sport. Access to the live center is something that all punters will love. The excellent coverage along with the live betting options are two factors that will change the experience of bettors. Moreover, fast bet acceptance is another important feature that is certainly needed on live matches.

The service also supports an arbitrage friendly approach. This means that the stake limits are very high and that sure win betting is allowed. There is no wonder why high rollers and professional players prefer PS3838 for placing their bets. PS3838 is the best place for those punters to bet because of the high odds, the high stake limits, and the arbitrage logic.

Advantages of betting on

Punters will prefer a bookmaker agency over any traditional sportsbook for many reasons. For example, a top bookie agency like offers access to many bookmakers and betting exchanges around the world. In that way, any punter who has opened an account with the broker can access many betting sites without having any limitations.

Also, lets bettors use a single account to get to all of these sites and place their bets. The bookmaker agency provides this feature to make it easier for the players to manage their accounts. Additionally, they can also check their betting history easier and transfer funds quickly from one betting site to another.

A bookie agency often will attract big players, who tend to bet big stakes. As a result, allows bettors to have high limits regarding the stakes and wager on sporting events to arbitrage. Sometimes it is possible that the broker will have a higher limit than the bookmaker, so punters prefer to bet through the agent.

A top bookmaker agency like supports many different ways of payment as well. Many punters have issues with transactions directly from the bookmakers’ site. So the best solution for them is to deposit or withdraw money through the broker. supports transactions via a wide variety of debit cards, e-wallets, crypto, bank transfers, and more.

Through, punters can find the best odds to bet on. Due to the bookies and exchanges available (Betfair, OrbitX, Whitehorse, Fair999, etc.), punters have a good view of the betting market. In that way, through the bookmaker agency, they can easily find the highest odds to place their bets and even discover sure bet opportunities.

Another advantage that a bookmaker agency like offers is anonymity. The broker guarantees that your betting action and history will remain anonymous. Especially for the professional players, this is something that is necessary and needed. In addition, you don’t have to worry about your deposits, as they are safe under the latest security methods.

Lastly, a great issue many punters face is the high fees the betting sites charge if they win or if they want to withdraw money. has some of the lowest fees for withdrawals and will not charge anything extra for deposits. This is why punters prefer to do their transactions through brokers rather than directly from the bookmaker’s website.