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Swissbet helps to obtain gambling license in one of the most popular jurisdictions.

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Gambling License In Curaçao

The process of gambling licensing is complicated to pass through it on your own. Swissbet makes it easy and affordable.

We provide full assistance related to incorporation of business in Curaçao, entering Curaçao E-zone and provide full compliance with legal and technical requirements applicable to issuing of gaming licenses.

Swissbet clients benefit from the most comprehensive support on regular operations and additional services, like opening bank and merchant accounts for gaming industry.

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Swissbet provides complete Curaçao Gambling License support!


Licensing Documentation

Swissbet prepares all the documents related to Curaçao licensing. We help you to meet all the associated KYC procedures and compliance requirements, prepare the necessary technical specifications, maintain communication with local authorities on settling all legal issues.


Company Structure

Swissbet helps to develop the complete business structure of shareholders and beneficiaries for your business. In addition, we build and maintain holdings with European companies, help to incorporate branch companies, introduce custom elements to your corporate structure.

Banking Support

Swissbet helps to open bank and merchant accounts for your Curaçao company and its affiliates in European and Caribbean banks. We also facilitate complete integration procedures of  payment processors ensuring complete security of all business transactions.

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