Betting exchanges seem to be on the rise and the reason is very simple about that. They are extra profitable businesses. Although you are not exactly the type of a bookmaker getting a commission for any bet placed on your platform, you are rather the one to provide the place for the bets to be placed and the punters to bet against each other. So, you might ask, which exactly is your real profit in that case? You get a commission from every player’s winnings and that alone can be a source of wealth for you and health for your business.


How exactly can you do that? You believe that you will have to wait to get your license, to integrate the payment methods and start everything from the very beginning, which means that this will be a time consuming procedure. It doesn’t have to be this way, you know. Swissbet is here to make your dreams come true, helping you to avoid all the complicated procedures. You create your business under the Swissbet license, you acquire the complete online gaming infrastructure at once and you are ready to go. That exactly what is like having a white label Betfair betting platform! In the following article we will help you understand everything you need to have in place to run your very own betfair betting platform with a white label.


How to run a betfair betting platform white label business?

In case you have been eager to create a white label Betfair betting platform business and you don’t know where to ask how you could start something like that, then Swissbet is definitely the place to be. After all, in order to operate successfully a white label Betfair betting platform, you will need to have the proper partners that will boost your business.


First of all though, you may ask what exactly a white label Betfair betting platform is, so we have to analyze it in a few words for the newest. A white label solution gives the chance to create a betting business without having to undergo the complicated procedures of gaining a license or losing money in your try to acquire one. And that happens because you will operate your betting site under the license umbrella of Swissbet, the top Swiss-made Gambling Software globally.


The next question you might have would possibly be what is the reason of choosing a white label betfair betting platform over a Turnkey solution. First of all, as we foretold, in case you will decide to create a white label betfair betting platform business, you will not have to make an application for a license, as the licenses are held by the platform provider, in our case by Swissbet.


A second advantage is that you start your business having integrated all the best payment solutions from the very beginning, while the risk Management and anti-fraud modules are built in the platform. At the same time you will have the chance to get a 24/7 B2B support for any technical issues might occur at your betting site and of course, consultation on marketing issues and on the ways you can grow your business even more.


All in all, when you choose to create a business with a Betfair betting platform through a white label, the great disadvantage is that this solution comes with a greater cost, as everything ready for you, but it is ideal if the only thing you want to do, is concentrate on the branding and marketing side of your business, also leaving the management of the site and the technical side of the latter to the software provider.


No matter the advantages and the disadvantages, you still have to ask yourself if you need a fully manageable business or for a quick and ready to use solution, so you can start your business immediately, without losing any more time. If the answer is the second one, then you certainly need to choose the betfair betting platform through the white label solution.


So, what is the exact procedure of as soon as you have understood what king of a betting site you need to create, in our situation a Betfair betting platform through the white label solution, you will have to contact the Swissbet. Just enter the Contact us page, fill in the form with all the needed information and a sales representative will get back to you within a day with a full loaded plan according to your needs.


Otherwise, you can send an email at or even contact the Brokerstorm team on Skype and you will have the chance to ask your questions about the creation of your Betfair betting platform through the white label solution lively.