Are you genuinely interested in becoming a bet agent? Certainly, it’s not the easiest thing in the world, however there are many benefits if you decide to go for it. If you are not sure how to get started, you are in the right place. By reading this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know as to what is a betting agent

Sure, there are many things to consider, and we will try to analyze all of them to give you a better insight. At first, you need to consider obtaining a license from an accredited gambling authority. This way, your potential bettors will be sure regarding the safety and transparency of your site.

You should also consider how you will settle bets with your punters. To do this, you should work out an arrangement with payment service providers and make sure that your site offers multiple payment options. Most bettors today access their favourite bookmakers or betting exchanges through their mobile phones, hence, it’s a good idea to create a modern and attractive website that’s easily accessible from mobile devices.

We simply gave you some small hints, however, we will explore many more benefits including why you should think to opt for a betting agent and what is the best one depending on your needs. 


What is a betting agent

A betting agent is someone who facilitates the bet trading on sporting events on behalf of the punter. Every agent practically acts as a middleman between you and the operators you wish to bet at. They open accounts and cooperate with sharp bookies and betting exchanges who offer low profit margins and low commissions on bets and this brings many pros on the table. They practically allow punters to be anonymous. 

Apart from that, they are able to access and offer a large number of bookmakers and betting exchanges and provide better odds than individuals can get on their own. As a result, you can arbitrate and gain sure profit way easier than simply betting alone.

As you can understand, pro bettors are those who can actually benefit from a bet agent to a larger extend. Nonetheless, you can also use one if you are an experienced punter if your aim is to increase your bankroll and evolve your game.

So how these agents really make money? A sport bet agent operates in different ways depending on its type to gain profit. Most of them charge a flat fee for each player in their withdrawals or else a small commission, and bellow we will better analyze it. 


How does a bet agent work?

A betting agent typically offers Asian bookies and betting exchanges that come with the best odds on the market. What they do, is making a predetermined deal with these operators in order both parties to be profitable. 

The sport bet agent helps you place bets in all these individual operators by having a single account with the relevant site. Meaning that you don’t even have to transfer funds from a site to another, thus, saving time for your bets. However, the best part of it, is that you can easily compare different sites on their offering and mainly their odds. If you are a serious bettor looking for sure bet opportunities, an agent will save you valuable time which is necessary to arbitrate.

In addition to providing access to different bookies and exchanges, a sports betting agent also helps its clients to get higher limits and better odds. Some agents earn money from the commissions of these sites, while others charge a fee for their service which is usually deducted from their clients’ withdrawals.

In any case, the benefits of opting for an agent can greatly outweigh the disadvantages. The most common reason to use one of them is to steadily increase your profit. They can offer odds that are superior to those available to individuals and the operators that typically partner with, have an arbitrage-friendly approach. Meaning that they advertise their higher odds, they offer higher betting limits and they don’t close your account for no reason.

Provided that you’ve already understood what is a  betting agent, and how it operates, it’s about time that we further analyze the benefits you can have if you opt for one of them and what is eventually the difference between agencies and typical bookies.


The advantages of a sport bet agent

We are pretty sure that you have already realised some of the pros that a betting agent comes up with. Nevertheless, we believe that there are still many things you are unaware of. Thus, we will refer to them and give you a better insight on them below. So, keep up with us and learn every essential info as to how you can exploit betting agents on your behalf and make legit profit.

  • Access bookies with no geographical limitations

We are familiar with the fact that there are many top-notch operators worldwide that come with high odds and a solid product offering that you cannot access. This can happen more than once either due to restrictions that apply to your country or simply because many sites don’t have a local license. Choosing a sports betting agent, means that you will easily access established operators that would otherwise be restricted to your country.

  • Having a single account

The process you will have to follow in order to use this type of product is really straightforward. Open a single account at an agent, bet on multiple oprators among renowned betting exchanges and Asian sportsbooks. This way, you will be able to place your bets instantly without transfering your funds between your accounts. As a result, you will save time in order to find great betting opportunities which would otherwise be impossible as you wouldn’t have time to move these funds.

  • Sure bet opportunities

All this time you will save by having your funds in one account, means that you can have a larger window to find sure bets. Just think that you will compare different odds in no time and by using an arbitrage software, you will arbitrate without hassle in no time. Since betting agents give you unlimited access to Asian bookies and betting exchanges out there, you can back a bet on a bookie and lay the same bet on the exchange.

  • Quick withdrawals

Another major advantage of sports betting agents is that your withdrawals are completed almost immediately. In most situations, when you request a withdrawal, it is processed in less that 24 hours if we are talking about e-wallets. On the other hand, if you have decided to make transactions via cards or bank transfer it takes about 3-5 business days. Last but not least, if making transactions with cryptos is what suits you best, then you have to know that they are facilitated within a few minutes!


Sports betting agent vs traditional bookmakers

A sport bet agent works in a similar way to an affiliate. They earn money by generating traffic, which then turns into new players registering through them. At first glance, you might feel overwhelmed by this type of betting compared to the typical bookmakers. Nevertheless, we will try to compare them and help you understand their pros and cons and also decide which one suits you.  

Most regular bookmakers have specific deposit and betting limits. These limits are in place to prevent overspending. They also protect themselves from massive wins. On the other hand, if you opt for an agent, bet options are way more and also deposit limits are immense. This, will allow you not only to place a greater volume of bets, but also arbitrate by exploiting the larger limits. 

Every single one of these agents do charge a fee, but that cost is often offset by the more attractive odds and ultimately, betting agents can reduce your risk. Access to Asian sportsbooks and their odds, in addition to offering access to prolific betting exchanges, agents give more solid options to the pro punter. 

Traditional bookmakers are soft ones on their majority, which means that their odds are not the highest on the market and it is impossible to benefit from them in order to find sure betting oportunities.

As for the transactions, agents don’t lack in this particular sector as well, compared to the bookmakers, as you will most likely get your winnings in no time.  So, besides the question: What is a betting agent, we are pretty sure that now, you have a deep knowledge of every single detail that comes with them. 


In the end, should I use an agent to bet?

So far, we’ve covered pretty much all the essential aspects of a typical sports betting agent, how it operates and what are its advantages. If you are still wondering if it’s worth opting for one, it all comes to one question: What are your betting needs and your target?

To put it simply, if you are a recreational bettor keen on placing a bet every now and then in order to have fun and use it as a pastime, then a typical bookmaker will be more than enough to put small wagers. On the other hand, if your goal is to become an experienced or even a professional bettor, a bet agent might be the answer you need.

The advantages are countless in order to gain profit and increase your bankroll. Due to the fact that you basically operate a single account, you access more than one operators simultaneously and compare their odds. Since every site available at betting agents has a friendly approach to winners, you will find the best odds and the highest betting limits in order to gain the maximum profit when placing your sure bets or value bets.

Besides that, you will save time as you won’t have to transfer your funds all the time, hence, time needed for betting will be reduced. Added to that, you might as well benefit from other features that come with the package such as a sure bets calculator so that you can save time and arbitrate way easier to maximize your winnings.