As we mentioned in one of our previous articles, becoming a bookie agent is something that is not much explored yet. However, more and more bettors are looking at this model as a way of taking a more proactive role in the online betting world. Moreover, there are certain pro’s out there that are looking specifically to the Asian sportsbooks and taking an agent role with them. Therefore, this article will focus on some of the basics about how to become an Asian sportsbook agent.

For this topic, it is important to understand that the system of becoming an agent for Asian bookies is pretty much similar to the prospect of becoming a bookmaker agent in general, the bookie agent is not making a profit from the actual bets. And with one simple account with the agent, you will be able to get access to numerous Asian sportsbooks.

However, it is important to emphasize that you will need to obtain proper software that is modern, user friendly and one that will provide you with the needed access to the top Asian bookmakers.
It is imperative to be able to connect and get into partnerships with as many reputable Asian bookmakers as possible.

Additionally, it is imperative to get knowledge of the Asian betting markets and to look at the potential benefits when it comes to working closely with the bookies. Now, this is important as the Asian markets and sportsbooks tend to run on a different model compared with the other traditional bookies.
This is especially important to be aware of the benefits of promoting the so called Asian handicap as part of your marketing strategy. The reason is quite simple, it is the Asian handicap that is gaining more and more popularity among the bettors


All in all, the concept of becoming a booking agent can be something that can attract a lot of interest from proven and professional bettors. The reason is quiet, being an agent can offer numerous opportunities for the average punter while still being able to stay in the online betting world.