The betting business is bigger now than ever. The industry keeps growing day by day, attracting more and more players. The majority of bettors prefer to place their bets on betting exchanges. These are sites that act only as the middleman, leaving punters to bet against each other.

Betfair was the first and is still the largest betting exchange. The platform was founded in 2000 and totally changed the way people bet. Betfair introduced “lay betting”, which allows players to bet against an outcome. Moreover, along with lay betting came “trading”, an excellent way to secure your profits and win regardless of the outcome.

Betting exchanges are not bookmakers. They make money by keeping a small commission from the winners’ earnings. With that in mind, it’s not so difficult to start your own Betfair agency. The money you will have to invest is not as much as a sportsbook needs. In fact, becoming a Betfair exchange agency can be pretty easy and quite profitable.


Which exchanges are available at the best Betfair exchange agency

How can you become a Betfair agency? Unfortunately, Betfair is a platform with many restrictions, limitations, and disadvantages. Many countries forbid access to the website due to certain laws about gambling. Also, it is the betting exchange with the highest commission rate, about 5-7%. This is why Betfair is not the first choice of many punters.

Luckily, there are many Betfair alternatives out there that can provide a similar betting experience. So, instead of starting a Betfair exchange agency, you should first take a look at some of the white-label exchanges. Some of them are widely preferred by punters, as they offer many more advantages and betting options than a typical betting exchange.

We must start with Orbit Exchange. This platform is truly innovative, modern, and a great alternative to the Betfair agency. It offers over 30 sports to bet on, with hundreds of events every day. Additionally, it offers many choices for live betting in many sports, along with a wide range of betting markets.

The odds are similar to those of the Betfair exchange agency. This means that the odds are among the highest on the market. Moreover, the platform follows an arbitrage-friendly approach, allowing high stakes and sure bets via trading. With this way, it is no wonder why OrbitX is attracting more high rollers and professional players than the Betfair agency.

One more thing that attracts high-stakes players is the low commission the platform offers. As we mentioned before, Betfair has a commission of 5-7%, which is relatively high for a Betfair exchange agency. OrbitX, on the other hand, charges a flat rate of 3% on all winnings, making the platform ideal for big earnings.

The site can be accessed through a broker., for example, includes OrbitX in its services and allows punters to bet on the platform. The use of a broker is essential. A brokerage can get around any geographical limits or restrictions and bring even more people to the betting platform.

The Whitehorse betting platform is also a great option for people who can’t have access to a Betfair agency. The exchange supports a wide variety of sports and betting markets for in-play or pre-match betting. Also, the site has some cool features that bettors will like, like the ability to place bets with just one click.

The huge difference that Whitehorse has with a typical Betfair exchange agency is the horse racing section. The platform offers hundreds of races every day for wagering from all over the world. But most important is the ability to lay bets on horse races. This is an option that you won’t find at a Betfair agency.

Aside from horse racing, the platform attracts punters due to its high odds on all sports as well as its high stake limits. Like OrbitX, Whitehorse can also be accessed through a broker such as If you want to attract players who prefer betting on horse races but also on other sports, Whitehorse is a great example of an alternative Betfair agency.

Having a lot of betting options is something that punters will value in a Betfair agency. Piwi247 gives players the chance to bet on many sporting events, both before and during the games. The site has a modern, well-built platform that is very user friendly and easy to understand. It’s something that new players will appreciate and will get familiar with easily.

But the platform stands out for the great variety of esports it offers. The esports section includes over 15 games available for betting, with great odds and extra betting markets. In general, esports wagering attracts more and more players. Having such a section and variety in your white label exchange agency is a significant advantage.

Moreover, Piwi247 has some great bonuses for newcomers. This is another way to promote the site and bring new players onto your platform. From this point of view, Piwi247 is a great example of a betting exchange. It includes all the necessary features to attract new, rookie, or advanced players.

The big advantage of 4njbets is that the platform focuses only on horse races. For players who like a specific sport like horse racing, this is a destination to go to. The site is very analytical about every race, with information about the track, the jockeys, the horses, etc. Furthermore, the number of races is quite large, providing punters with a plethora of betting options.

A unique feature that players will not find elsewhere is the live streaming of many races in high quality. Punters will prefer to place their live bets on a betting exchange that supports live streaming, and this is 4njbets’ big benefit. Especially in a sport like horse racing, it’s very important to see the race live, as you might get a better idea of the condition of the track.

However, 4NJBET offers more advantages to players. The site provides a very analytical guide for newcomers who want to start betting on horses. There, all the bet types and terms are explained to make it easier for puters to bet. Additionally, the platform hosts great tipsters, to give the players an idea of which horse to bet on.