Obviously, if you have decided to read this article, you are under investigation on how you could enter the betting exchange business. Probably, you have been searching for all thise tools that are going to give to your site the boost it needs to become well known and well established, so you can start making a profit. After all, you have already been a player for a long time and now it is the time to pass on the other side and start providing the best possible services to other players, always having in mind what the latter would like to see on your betting exchange business.


One of the best tools to serve your purposes the best possible way, would be a Betfair software. If you have been confused about what that would be, in the upcoming lines we will help you understand how you can use use a software from Betfair, the exact connection with the top betting exchange globally and the ways that ti helpy you provide the best possible betting experience to your customers, so keep on reading.


All the ways to make the most out of the software from Betfair

First of all, you should always have in mind that integrating the Betfair software on your site is not going to be a one man job. To get your Betfair software up and running within your site, you will need a team of experts, a team that is going to care for you and your business. That is exactly what Swissbet does, from the very first time you get in touch with us. We don’t just give you the Betfair software to help your site get up and running, but we also provide you consult services and support at any given time, so you can – with your turn – give away to your customers the proper betting experience.


So, in case you do want to integrate and implement the Betfair software on your site, you will have to get in touch with a Betfair software provider like Swissbet and we are going to be the ones to help you get the proper solution for your site. We also will be the ones to implement the API of the top exchange in the world. So you just have to get in the Swissbet site, click on contact us and start a discussion with one of our representatives within a few hours from the time you will send your message towards our team.


Now it’s time to see what exactly are the services you will have by getting the Betfair software. As you may see, some will be more important business wise, while others will be of great essence both for you and your customers. So. It is time to see which are the most essential features the Betfair software has to offer to the betting exchange owners.


The first of the features that is going to be of great essence when you decide to run your own business, is the easiness of the players management. Thanks to the back office tool, you will have the chance to categorize your existing and ne players, create different segments, so you can treat them differently, according to their total activity within your site and of course, the Betfair software.


Moreover, you are going to get, along with your Betfair software, a super efficient reporting tool, that is going to provide you with all the data you are going to need on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Like how many players registered, how many of them were converted to depositors, how much GGR and turnover they have generated and more. Reporting is knowledge and the latter can be translated to power and business growth.


Within the same ecisystme you are going to find the ability to insert certain limits on each betting event, on each league and of course even on players who seem to be scam. Of course, the latter reporting is going to come from the fraud management tool, which is going to help you monitor and stop punters with suspicious activity, who try to harm your business. All the above are an important part of your business growth, and your newly bought Betfair software through Swissbet, gives you all of them at once.


Another important aspect of getting the Betfair software is that you are going to have the chance to affect the commission you want to get from the punters’ winning. You just have to define your own business strategy and plan, since you can either follow Betfair’s lead, which gives a commission of 5%, but it drops according to the bettors’ activity, or set a flat commission in the percentage it suits you the best.


Also, Betfair software gives you the chance to implement on your site multiple languages, a handful of currencies and payment methods, so you can giv the players the immediacy they will need on transactions and at the same time everything would be on their language, making their experience even better.


So, in case you have decided to give a chance on Betfair software, maybe you should like to read a few words about the best operators coming with a software from Betfair.


One of the best out of those operators would be OrbitX, one of the best and most complete betting exchanges globally. It gives the punters the chance to bet on many different sports, on a handful of different betting markets, while it comes with a super low commission on the players’ winnings.


If you want to talk about some of the best software from Betfair, we can’t let out of our list Whitehorse, which is mostly expertised on horse and greyhound races, even giving you the chance to place lay bets on both those sports, while you also have the chance to bet on all the popularo sports and events at the same time.


Then, we have 9Wickets, which the best site created with a software from Betfair and is addressed mostly to the cricket punters. You are going to findd a wide variety of event, tournaments and extra bets here.


And finally, with the software from Betfair two more great betting exchanges have emerged, Piwi247, an exchange which will bring you Betfair in your memory iin many aspects and 4njbets. The latter betting exchange is mostly adressed to the American players, offering races from the Americas because US is going through the wave of sports betting legalization.


So, if you have been convinced that the software from Betfair can help you reach your goals, then you just have to contact us and Swissbet is going to be the perfect business partner for you.