Betting exchanges have been around quite a while in the betting industry. They started with Betfair in the year 2000, and since then they have become a big part of sports betting. Many punters prefer to place their bets on betting exchanges because there they will find better odds, higher stake limits, trading, and many more benefits compared to the typical bookies.

It is widely known that Betfair is the biggest betting exchange on the market. So, it’s natural for anyone who wants to start a betting business to decide to open a Betfair agency. The best way to do it is through the white label Betfair exchanges and the advantages that they bring.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn the benefits of famous betting exchanges and see why starting a Betfair exchange agency is always a good idea. In addition, you will see the strong points each exchange has and how it helps them to remain unique and stand out from the competition.


Which Betfair white label exchanges are available?

If you want to become a betting exchange owner, there are many ways to create a partnership with Betfair. Unfortunately, due to legal and geographical limitations, there is no possibility to start a Betfair exchange directly. However, you can use one of the white label Betfair exchanges and use the Betfair platform under a different name.

There are many Betfair white label exchanges available from which you can choose. Each one uses Betfair’s high odds and liquidity, but each has its own style and main focus. That is why, despite being smaller businesses, they attract a large number of punters. Down below, you will see a mini analysis of the top white label Betfair exchanges available.

OrbitX is one of the Betfair white label powerhouses. It takes full advantage of Betfair’s liquidity, so the bets that punters place are matched right away. Furthermore, it provides official Betfair prices with the highest payout in the market. Although these are advantages that will attract players, the uniqueness of the site is the small commission.

At first, from the perspective of an owner, a small commission might seem like a bad thing. But if you think of it thoroughly, this is what is going to attract the high rollers. A professional player who likes to bet high stakes prefers to place his wagers on OrbitX since his earnings will be significantly higher.

In addition, OrbitX is a great white label Betfair exchange in terms of security. It’s one of the safest places to bet online because the software has all the latest safety and privacy features. If you are the owner of such a label, you can be sure that all your customers’ personal data and transactions are safe.

As the owner of a Betfair white label exchange, you will want your betting site to offer as many products as possible. Such a case is Whitehorse, a betting exchange with a huge variety of sports and events to bet on and many betting markets. However, there are two distinct factors that make Whitehorse an excellent betting option for punters.

The first one is that it specializes in horse racing events. As a result, punters who like to bet on horse races will find what they need in this white label Betfair exchange. From the owner’s point of view, it is very good to focus on a certain sport. Especially in horse racing, which has many fans around the world who like to bet on it.

The second factor that will make somebody choose Whitehorse over other platforms is lay betting on horse racing. Lay betting is when a gambler bets on an outcome that will not occur. This feature is available only in Whitehorse regarding horse racing and is an extra plus that an owner would like to have on his Betfair white label exchange.

Piwi247 (or Piwi Exchange) is another great example of a white label Betfair exchange. The variety of sports and the betting markets it offers are excellent attractions for every bettor. But the power of Piwi247 is the live content and the matches that are available every time for in-play betting.

Punters who like to bet during ongoing events are more likely to bet on Piwi Exchange. As an owner, you will want the white label Betfair exchange you use to have a very strong live betting section. Piwi247 offers that, with events from all sports and major and minor competitions.

The live betting section also offers a lot of extra betting markets and is ideal for all in-play punters. It usually offers over 20 extra bets, like Asian handicaps, over/under, and more. These are markets that many players prefer to bet on, and a platform like Piwi Exchange can support this variety.

Horse racing betting sites are always a nice option for someone who wants to start a white label Betfair exchange. 4njbets is such a site, and it offers betting only at horse racing events. Except for the horse racing specialization of the site, it’s an ideal betting destination for newcomers who want to start betting on that sport.

In the sections of 4njbets, new players will find many guides that will help them understand how horse racing betting works. So, if you are an owner of a horse racing betting exchange, a platform like 4njbets will help you attract any newcomers that will trust your site. Additionally, 4njbets offers a huge number of races and tracks from all over the world.

In the world of sports betting, there are sports that, even though they are not so popular, have many fans. One such sport is cricket. It includes many betting chances, and many high rollers prefer to bet on it. The best label for cricket is 9wickets, a betting site that focuses on the sport and offers punters a huge number of betting markets.

Additionally, 9wickets maintains an arbitrage friendly approach for all players. It is a way to attract professional and VIP punters, which, as an owner, is essential for betting sites. So, if you combine the expertise of the cricket betting exchange with the arbitrage allowance, 9wickets label is a very strong and profitable choice to consider.