Betting is one of the lucrative markets in today’s rising iGaming business scenario. The sports betting market is rising because the punters are always betting, and the betting exchanges like Betfair are making a good amount of money. Most gamblers bet on this exchange because of the remarkable match odds provided. This betting exchange offers a lot more opportunities to the players.

However, as sports betting sites use sports betting software, betting exchanges also use betting software that provides a unique pari-mutuel trading experience. Many popular betting exchange providers present in the market, but we will discuss a few critical Betfair exchange software providers in 2021.

Top 5 Betting Exchange Software Providers

  1. GammaStack

This is the leading P2P betting exchange software provider. The GammaStack betting exchange software provider arms your betting business with the next-gen solutions that drive success. The software provider serves in more than 100 betting markets, offers more than 40 iGaming products, and has covered more than 50 sports.

This betting exchange software provider’s unique features help the punters place the bets easily where they can use both lay and back odds. There is a matching engine that offers engine and machine odds to the users. The platform also provides solutions for esports, fantasy sports solutions, online casinos, etc. The betting exchange serves in more than 15 countries.

  1. com

The SwissBet is the Swiss-made betting exchange software with a single-wallet platform and provides innovative back-end and front-end solutions. This platform provides turnkey software for the online iGaming industry and land-based sports betting industry. This betting exchange platform also provides consultancy and management services for the betting exchanges. Moreover, this platform also provides banking support, gambling license, marketing, and payment processing support.

Even the SwissBet also provides sports betting software for the Asian and African betting markets.  They cater to the local market requirements too. Apart from catering to software solutions for betting exchanges like Betfair, it fulfills the needs of the third-party casino gaming providers.

  1. Gbet Technologies

Gbet Technologies has more than seven years of experience in the iGaming industry. A B2B Omni-channel technology provider offers a proven betting exchange platform, sportsbook exchange, and Tote products. Not only does this software provider develops the software, but it provides third-party integration services to the betting platform as per betting exchanges platforms like the one possessed by Betfair.

The Gbet technologies also cover the betting exchange platform with options like operational oversight and outsourcing the risk management team. Even this software provider offers a cost-effective bespoke platform, integrating existing betting exchange platform features a mobile-responsive platform and personal support.

  1. Harman Software Provider

As its tagline states, Harman unifies the betting experience on any device or any channel that provides digital solutions for the immersive betting experience. This sports betting exchange platform delivers rich UI/UX and multi-channel experiences. Moreover, they build games that are compatible with multiple devices.

The best engineering solutions and multiple integrations make Harman one of the best betting exchange software providers. This betting exchange platform also offers the back-office modules and the standard admin feature necessary for the betting exchange business. As this software provider is a Samsung Company, there is a suite of solutions to make the customer experience better.

  1. Modulus Global

This betting exchange platform is one of the most successful platforms. Modulus Global is present in the market for many years. Along with the best-in-class betting exchange platform, it also provides innovative Blockchain solutions for payment gateways, payment transfers, POS systems, ATMs, custodial services, and much more. This betting exchange platform has a team of experienced engineers and professionals who provides quality services and timely delivery of services.


These are a few leading betting exchange software providers that provide betting exchange solutions for the Betfair exchange. These various types of software providers render risk management, B2B Omni-channel solutions, P2P betting exchange solutions, and much more. Finding the right software provider can be challenging for the new betting exchanges but you can refer these software providers who are already having a big name in the iGaming market. The Betfair exchange is able to provide the best services to punters because of the solutions provided by these software providers.