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Microgaming top gaming package delivered as part of Single-Wallet Gaming Platform.
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Complete Microgaming Casino Package

Swissbet provides complete integration of the Microgaming casino software as part of its Single-Wallet Gaming Platform.

Microgaming offers the largest online Progressive Jackpot Network in the industry, a wide selection of Microgaming’s blockbuster slots and a number of licensed software items such as Battlestar Galactica™, Hitman™, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider™ and Hellboy™.

Quickfire Online casino solution can boast of 500+ tried and tested casino games, 45,000+ players a day, 1.5 billion+ bets a month and new game releases every month. The gaming software is available in 20 different languages.

Quickfire also gives operators access to an array of Poker games. Poker is available via the Quickfire platform through a Flash poker client, which enables players to start a Poker game without having to register a separate account.

Microgaming software will help to bring diversity to your web-site, will attract new players and increase your revenues. Order Now!

Casino Games

Players Per Day

Bets a Day

Languages Supported

Key Features

  • Quick setup and installation, simple integration process.
  • Full access to instant-play Microgaming content.
  • Support of Swissbet single-wallet software.
  • Full compliance with the major jurisdictions including the Isle of Man, Alderney, and Gibraltar.
  • New game releases every month.
  • Front-end management system.
  • Comprehensive reporting and betting history.
  • Complete content management options
  • Advanced back-end settings.

Key Benefits

  • Allows for launching online casino software within a short period of time and guarantees fast and simple integration.
  • Provides access to market-leading gaming content.
  • Supports smooth operation of all games and other content through a single account.
  • Provides regular content updates to retain user attraction and excitement.
  • Ensures complete legal compliance to maitain secure gambling operations.
  • Provides possibility of easy and cost-efficient customizations of designs to meet any specific regional requirements.
  • Facilitates advanced financial reporting and operational management.

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