If you have been sniffing around searching how you could build your own unique betting exchange site, then there are certain steps you should take before you reach your final destination. The first one would be to find the perfect betting exchange solution and to go down that road you must find the perfect bet exchange provider. The one that is going that is going to give you the chance to work with all that tools every betting exchange should have.


If you are after all the above, then you are at right place, at the right time, since Swissbet can help you create the betting exchange site of your dreams. After all, Swissbet is considered the top exchange bet provider and for a good reason, as it comes with a handful of extra features at every solution it gives away to its customers. Provision of a top nitch betting exchange solution is just one of the services you may find. Keep reading if you want to know which are the most esssential features a bet exchange provider should offer at their betting exchange software.


The most important features of a exchange bet provider

If you are about to begin your own business, by starting a betting exchange on your own, then for sure you need to have alongside the proper partners. You need a bet exchange provider coming with  the know how and the expertise on the industry and that is exactly what Swissbet is. After all, some of the best bet exchange brands have trusted Swissbet to provide them with a top notch solution. You have to remember that online gaming is constantly evolving and changing, so it is more than important to have a solution coming from a bet exchange provider that knows how to adapt to all these changes and turn those to your favor.


If you have already created your own business plan and you need to stand out from the mass, while starting with an immediate growth, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Swissbet is the best exchange bet provider and will help you create a betting exchange site that is going to be the talk of the town.


You just have to click on the “Talk to us” button, fill in the form, choose the betting platform, the products you want to implement on your site and a representative will get in touch with you with a few hours. You will also have the chance to get a customized presentation according to your own unique needs and the solutions you may turn your sight to from the top bet exchange provider.


But before that, we will have to answer for you one of the most important questions. Which are the most essential features the bet exchange provider should offer? In the following lines you will have the chance to read about the most essential characteristics of the solutions offered only by a top notch bet exchange provider like Swissbet, so you be aware which distributor would make a perfect fit for your business.


1 – Support of Betfair API


If you want to take the best out of your business, then for sure you need to get in partnership with a bet exchange provider having a platform coming with support of the Betfair API. In that way you can rest assured that you can create your own and unique betting exchange interface, but you will still keep all the great aspects from the top exchange globally, Betfair. Through the Betfair’s Exchange API, any developer can build various customized tools and build your own trading interface. As you might have already understand, Swissbet is a bet exchange provider offering that characteristic.


2 – Advanced commision settings


Since you are about to create a new betting exchange, you should calculate the commission you are going to charge the players with when they will have winning bets. By getting a partnership with a top bet exchange provider like Swissbet, you will have the chance to decide if you want to have a flat commission, no matter the activity of the bettors, or to follow Betfair’s model. Tha latter starts with a 5% commission and that percentage become lower as the punters’ activity becomes more often. The choice is yours, but remember that your bet exchange provider should give you that option and Swissbet provides you that.


3 – Limit and liquidity management


If you are new to the betting exchange business you might find it difficult to set your own limits and  liquidity. Nonetheless, if you have a trustful partnership with a bet exchange provider like Swissbet, you will get all the help that is needed to take the correct decisions on these matters. The most important though is that you should have the option to fullly customize both of them and thankfully, the bet exchange provider Swissbet gives you that option through its betting exchange software.


4 – Affiliate schemes


You are going to become a betting exchange owner, so you will also to come up with an affiliate scheme that is going to be luring to the partners that will be willing to collaborate with your brand. After all, this is one of the most important marketing and awareness channel, so you should always make sure that your bet exchange provider gives you the chance to build a scheme that is going to be a win win situation both for you and the affiliate partners. If that is a very important reason for you to make your final choice regarding your exchange bet provider, you will be more than happy to know that Swissbet provides you the opportunity to create and customize your own affiliate scheme.


5 – Line management mechanisms


You will also have the chance to lay your hands on some of the best line management mechanisms in case you will choose Swissbet as your very own exchange bet provider. That means you will have the chance to manually change the odds and the offered lines on every bet, so you can offer the best possible experience to your players.


Othe important characteristics an exchange bet provider should come with, is the ability to offer dedicated applications for Android and iOS devices users. Also, when the talk goes to the best exchange bet provider, the latter should come consulting and management services to hellp you run your business the best way possible. Needless to say, all the above features are available from the betting exchange solution offered by Swissbet, the top exchange bet provider.