Designed for the modern online casino environment, Swissbet is an industry leader in integrating award-winning SoftSwiss games and offering hundreds of game titles. Aside from ensuring smooth functionality, the Swissbet casino software for bookies also offers the most secure and convenient payment options. Apart from that, you’ll enjoy HD graphics and multi-device compatibility. You can also enjoy games on your mobile device thanks to Swissbet’s Single-Wallet Gaming Platform. The best part of the Swissbet experience is that it is both easy to use and very secure.

If we’re talking about great casino software features, Swissbet offers a platform that allows casino operators to track player activities and easily make relevant calculations. It also manages payment transactions by leveraging multiple payment gateways, and enables administrators to transfer credits directly from their administrator panel. You can manage staff details and view a comprehensive overview of all activities. It also provides detailed analytics of player actions, losses, and revenue. In addition, it helps to prevent foul play and ensure player privacy.


Swissbet’s 5 best casino software features 

Swissbet casino software provides many renowned features that are available in both of our offered distinguished packages. Speaking of there, the offering comprises the full Microgaming portfolio and the Swissbet gaming package. On this section we will analyze their benefits and help you understand if this solution really suits your needs.


1 – Support of Single Wallet

Swissbet casino software for bookies features all types of games including popular slots and other titles from poker, blackjack or roulette. This platform, combines and accomodates all the various online casino software under a common single-wallet solution. This is designed to process and register all bets and gambling transactions through a single account for an easy and intuitive player experience. 

2 – Support of mobile devices

With a focus on mobile betting, Swissbet has developed fully-functional mobile gaming software that supports all major mobile platforms. The Swissbet mobile casino solution ensures reliable sports data delivery with the support of major data feed providers. The Swissbet mobile products are easy to navigate and fully compliant with global gambling jurisdictions.  


3 – High Definition Gaming Content

Among the many advantages of Swissbet’s casino software, the ability to offer multiple games in high definition resolution is one of its highlights. Since, there are hundrends of casino and poker games, this HD gaming experience will bring diversity and excitement to your website and will make it stand out among the competitors on the market.


4 – Support of cryptocurrencies

Another great feature of the gaming package by Softswiss, is the support of cryptocurrencies. To be more precise, you have a complete support of a Bitcoin payment module which ensures secure processing of diverse Bitcoin wallets. Apart from that you can be sure of the complete transaction safety as the payment info are protected all the type through the most sofisticated encryption system. 


5 – Anti-fraud system

Lastly, another key feature that distinguishes Swissbet’s casino software among others on the market, is the anti-fraud system. We are really proud to present a software that provides full protection against illicit financial transactions and potential fraud by detecting and excluding possible threats. 


Other important casino features on software from Swissbet

A good online casino software such as Swissbet’s offers a large number of different games for a player to choose from. These games should be available on a variety of different platforms, giving each player the ability to choose their favorite. This is why we provide two distinguished casino solutions.

Besides that, Swissbet casino solution, also allows the player to use its platform from different devices, such as their mobile phones. High-quality games will also attract more customers and the complete support of Microgaming titles ensures the great result in more than 500 casino games.

What’s more, you need to be aware of several other great Swissbet casino software features such as the quick setup and installation process that is beyond expectations easy to set and complete. Added to that, you can have complete support of HTML5 of mobile devices and this platform is tested and constantly evolved in order to be compliant with all the major gaming jurisdictions.

Last but not least, no matter the region, we can ensure you that Swissbet software has a largely customizable interface in order to adapt and support regional localization. This includes multiple payment options and many languages to choose from in order to get the best possible result and boost your clients’ experience. 


Casino software for bookies through Swissbet: How to get it?

If you’re looking for a reliable casino software for bookies that combines various casino games into one convenient package, Swissbet is a great choice. The company’s casino software enables bookmakers to integrate Swissbet’s sports betting products with 3rd party online casinos. It also features a one-wallet solution that provides a single login for all gambling activities. 

In case you wish to benefit from Swissbet casino software features, you may simply contact us. This way, we will better evaluate your business’ needs in order to select the better solution and help you grow it. The process is pretty simple as your first move will have to be a demo request. After completing the ‘’Contact Swissbet’’ form, one of our sales representatives will get back to you within 1 business day. He/She will assist you in determining the best solution containing these casino features on software that best satisfy your business and technical needs. 


What other software will I get from Swissbet apart from casino solution?

Swissbet is a leading provider of iGaming solutions for casinos, sportsbooks, social networks, and social gaming. Our engineered software packages not only provide casino features on software that exceeds expectation but also many more. 

Specifically, they cover online gaming, sports betting, social networks, and skill games. We are the company behind popular online casinos such as Slotorama, and Our innovative backdoor iGaming solutions allow operators to choose the right combination of iGaming software and casino games to suit their unique needs.

With a focus on mobile betting, Swissbet has developed fully-functional mobile gaming software that supports all major mobile platforms. The Swissbet mobile betting platform ensures reliable sports data delivery with the support of major data feed providers. Our mobile products are easy to navigate and fully compliant with global gambling jurisdictions. They also offer a high level of security and technical support, including anti-fraud systems.

Swissbet has partnered with leading 3rd-party software providers to create innovative casino and sportsbook solutions either white label or turnkey ones. Our level of expertise within the industry helps us understands which software work in each operator type in order to keep its customers satisfied. All of Swissbet’s software products are guaranteed to be of high quality. Last but not least, they are also certified by Betradar, ensuring fairness for players and affiliates.