One of the most important services of an online sportsbook is the live betting feature and many punters prefer to bet only on live events. That’s why, if you are a bookmaker, having a reliable online live betting platform is crucial for the site’s operation and to attract new players who want to put their wagers on any live activity.

Swissbet’s live betting software for bookies is a complete solution that will ensure the players have the best and most functional in-play betting experience. It supports a wide variety of sports all over the world and imports and displays sports data in real-time from the world’s biggest data sources.

In the coming paragraphs, we will see the best live betting software features Swissbet has to offer but also some more characteristics that make the platform one of the best in the online betting market. Also, you will find which ways you can contact Swissbet and what other software you can obtain to make your online betting site a complete gambling destination.


Swissbet’s 5 best live betting software features

If you want your sportsbook to have the best live betting software, then you should take into consideration some basic but important features. Swissbet contains all the great characteristics a live betting software for bookies must have and can cover even the most challenging demands of the punters.


1 – Support of market-leading data feed providers

Swissbet’s live betting solution gets all the data feeds from some of the top data suppliers in the globe, including Betradar, Betting Promotion, Don Best, and many more. The import and presentation of sports data are in real-time and the most accurate, making the live betting for the punters an exciting experience.

2 – Great widgets

The betting platform also includes awesome widgets that help the players to organize their bets on upcoming events and make it easier for them to navigate through the live betting section. The “Live calendar” and “Live-now” widgets are features that every sportsbook should have to provide their customers the convenience they need to wager.


3 – Odds change/blocking indicators

One feature that the punters always love is the indicators. Swissbet offers odds change and blocking indicators, giving the players the required information for managing and calculating their bets. Monitoring the constant changes in the odds is something that a lot of punters want and will attract many players.

4 – Detailed and accurate coverage on sports

Swissbet provides the most detailed and accurate coverage on a vast range of sports, giving the players many options to choose from and wager. Also, the punters can have specialized access to events based on their regional preferences and their live betting habits, and all that with real-time and precise statistics.

5 – Advanced betting slip settings

Another thing that the players will appreciate is the advanced settings regarding the betting slips, providing the punters with lots of information about the markets, the odds, the stakes, the pay-out, and every other significant detail. In that way, the players can have a quick one-look summary of each in-play bet they place.


Other important live betting features on software from Swissbet

Swissbet’s live betting solution includes more important features which are worth mentioning and every bookmaker should have in mind. If we talk about a worldwide betting site, then it’s important for the players to adjust the interface as they want and the most convenient for them. That’s why Swissbet’s live betting software interface is customizable and supports versions of region-specific designs like European, American, Asian, and others.

For the bookies, it’s essential that the platform offers manual import of any data and an easy line management functionality. Moreover, it can be set up quickly and has a simple installation, and allows for the low-cost development of website layouts depending on unique geographical needs. If you experience any issues, Swissbet provides you with high-quality assistance and coaching to guarantee that all live betting goods meet your expectations.

Furthermore, supporting a wide range of bet types in real-time it’s very important, as well as validating each bet for security and risk management. Generally, the software gives you full control of the complete sports betting content and the ability to create additional events and markets whenever necessary.


Live betting software for bookies through Swissbet: How to get it?

Interested parties can contact Swissbet via numerous communication methods to take advantage of the live betting software features. The contact for Skype may be found on the company’s website, where you can send a message or even make a call. You may also send Swissbet your queries by e-mail, which is also available on the site.

The platform would be incomplete without social media. There are connections to Swissbet’s Facebook and Twitter profiles at the top of the website. There, you may send a direct message to express your problems or request more information about the live betting features on software. There is also a chat function on the website. All you need to do is enter your name and e-mail address, as well as the message you wish to send. You will be contacted shortly.

Finally, a contact form is provided for anybody interested in forming cooperation with Swissbet. Before detailing your game concept to the team, the form requests your name, nationality, and e-mail address.


What other software will I get from Swissbet apart from live betting solution?

Swissbet has a complete solution of live betting software for bookies integrated with the Swissbet Global Gaming Platform. In addition, it can also be combined with other sports betting products like the Mobile Betting platform to give the players a more complete and unique experience.

Also, except for the live betting features on software, Swissbet can provide their customers with an advanced Sportsbook platform and an also advanced Pre-Match betting software, everything to give the punters the most choices and make your website a complete sports wagering option.

For last, on Swissbet’s website, you will find gaming solutions like the Softswiss Casino software or the Microgaming Casino software, granting the players lots of gambling alternatives. After all, the diverse content in a gambling site is something the punters seek and will help grow the numbers of your clients. Swissbet can offer that.