If you have been wondering which might be the best gambling software provider for online casino software, then you should definitely take a look at Swissbet. The Switzerland-based company delivers one of the best live casino software for bookies on the global market including features such as high definition gaming anda great anti-fraud system. It also comes with a great UI offering quick loading times and an outstanding reliability.

Of course, these are not the only characteristics that make Swissbet’s innovative software stand out. Among others, it supports gambling licenses that comply with major worldwide jurisdictions like Malta, Curacao, and more. Also, it’s a very easy-to-use platform and be sure that you will offer to the players a user-friendly platform.

Moreover, Swissbet offers continuous technical support is there to solve any problem that might occur, while you can also find another important assets, like marketing support and implementation of may different payment methods.

But all the above are just the tip of the iceberg. So, keep reading to find out some of the best live casino software features Swissbet has to offer, which makes it an advantageous value-price choice.


Swissbet’s 5 best live casino software features

A live casino software must include many key features to claim that it can be the best on the market. In the coming paragraphs, we will see which are the best ones that make Swissbet a worthy choice in the market. 

1 – Support of Single Wallet

The Single-Wallet platform of Swissbet combines all the various online casino software, including hundreds of casino and poker games, slots, and mobile-friendly games. All bets and gambling transactions are processed under a common single account, a solution that is designed to offer the players an easy and unique experience. 

2 – Support of mobile devices

In a modern live casino solution, mobile device support could not be missing. Swissbet’s online casino platform provides full support with HD graphics, bringing the best possible experience for the players. Also, due to the software’s high scalability and stability, the players can enjoy their favorite games on any mobile device they wish. 

3 – High Definition Gaming Content

Using high-end cameras and quality audio equipment, Swissbet’s live casino is the best when it comes to high-definition video streaming. The studios are equipped with everything necessary to provide the players with the best audiovisual effect possible, giving them enough diverse high-tech HD gaming content that will bring a lot of excitement. Also, when the talk goes to the slots, again, your customers will have the chance to place their bets on the top games through a high definition visual experience.

4 – Support of cryptocurrencies

The support of cryptos is a great addition that frees the players from the limitation of paying with FIAT currency, such us euros, dollars, pounds etc. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are supported and could be integrated into the platform, giving the players even more payment solutions. The crypto payment module ensures secure processing of Bitcoin wallets and offers full transaction safety. 

5 – Anti-fraud system

Many financial transactions and many bets take place during the day, that’s why an Anti-fraud system is absolutely necessary. Swissbet’s live casino software for bookies offers the best protection against illicit transactions and possible fraud attempts, while it also spots the abusers. It’s a feature making the gaming platform reliable and trustworthy. 


Other important live casino features on software from Swissbet

Live casino software from Swissbet is an ideal service for anyone who wants diverse and exciting gaming content. It provides access to hundreds of games with HD graphics, all processed through a Single-Wallet solution. But there are more benefits and features the platform includes.

It is easy to be implemented and offers a really quick setup, while it also is very easy to be set up.  Moreover, it’s a very quick and light platform allowing the launch of the casino within a short timeframe. Thanks to the quick loading times, the players have a better interaction without being tired of waiting for a game to load.

The customization the platform provides is one of the key features as well, making Swissbet a complete live casino solution. The interface is fully customizable, allowing to any bookmaker support regional localization features. As you may understand, it is a really cost-effective way to meet the specific requirements a customer might have.

Continuing to the localization settings, it is important that a vast array of languages is supported, as well as various currencies from all over the world, making the player’s life easier and the latter to adapt in a better way. In addition, Swissbet carries out maintenance procedures on a regular basis and provides you with performance monitoring to check and analyze the good operation of the platform.

Still, very important is the compatibility the platform offers. It not only supports most of the mobile devices in the market but also its complete HTML5 design offers the best experience on every system. Considering all the available features, Swissbet has one of the most complete packages out there. 


Live Casino software for bookies through Swissbet: How to get it?

To take advantage of the live casino software features, the interested parties can get in touch with Swissbet through various communication channels. On the company’s web page you will find the chance to contact us through Skype, where you can send a message or even make a call. Also, a possible way to send Swissbet your questions is via e-mail, which also can be found on the site.

Social media couldn’t be absent from the platform. On the top of Swissbet’s site, there are links for the Facebook and Twitter accounts. By using them, you can send a direct message to express any concerns you might have or ask for further information about the live casino features on the software. Moreover, on the site, you can find the live chat section. All you have to do is to enter your name and your e-mail address and type the message you want to send. You will receive a reply shortly. 

For last, a contact form is available for everyone who wants to start a partnership with Swissbet. The form is asking for your name, your country, and your e-mail before describing your gaming project to the team. 


What other software will I get from Swissbet apart from live casino solution?

Live casino software for bookies is one of the best solutions Swissbet has to offer. But it’s not the only service you will find on the site. If you want even more diversity to your website, you can also add the Microgaming Casino package. It includes a wide selection of slots and many licensed software items. With the live casino features on software, it’s overall a complete solution for any bookmaker.

Also, Swissbet offers the White Label solution which provides the bookmakers with a multi-functional Gaming Platform, 3d-party casino products, or even a betting exchange. It’s the ideal way to build your company as it covers all the operational aspects someone might face.