It’s no secret that nowadays, most players prefer to place their bets through their mobile phones. The ease of wagering for punters, wherever they are, is paramount. To meet the growing demand for mobile apps, Swissbet has created fully functional mobile betting software for bookies that will satisfy even the most demanding players.

Every significant mobile technology is supported by Swissbet’s mobile betting software, including HTML5, iOS, Android, and others. Furthermore, they can be integrated into the Swissbet Gaming Platform, Betting Exchange, or other products or work independently as separate elements.

Moreover, with the help of the major data feed suppliers, Swissbet’s mobile betting platform guarantees the timely delivery of both pre-match and in-play sports data, while every mobile product is user-friendly to navigate and was created in strict accordance with the top gambling jurisdictions worldwide.

The above mobile betting software features, and more, will be presented in the coming paragraphs. So, keep reading to find out why Swissbet’s mobile software is one of the best in the betting market.


Swissbet’s 5 best mobile betting software features

Swissbet’s mobile betting software includes many characteristics that make it stand out from the rest of the industry. But which are the top features every bookmaker should have in mind before choosing this mobile betting solution? Let’s see the most significant ones.


1 – Support of iOS – Android

The majority of the players use either Android devices or iPhones. Swissbet’s software supports both operating systems to give punters the most out of their mobile devices. The platform can be used on Android and iOS applications or through web browsers since the software also fully supports HTML5.

2 – Custom mobile development

The goal of developing custom mobile applications is to provide the best solutions for the current mobile operating systems and devices. That’s why Swissbet’s mobile betting software for bookies is fully customisable to ensure the proper function on the most popular devices. Most importantly, it can be adjusted to the client’s needs and requirements, making it ideal and easy to use for any developer.


3 – Support of Mobile Payments

To draw in more players, bookmakers must provide a variety of mobile payment options, such as digital wallets. To give punters the flexibility they require when making deposits, Swissbet’s mobile software fully supports mobile payments, including a wide range of payment solutions.

4 – Security and stability features

Swissbet’s consulting and support services provide assurance that mobile software products will run reliably. Furthermore, the network can support heavy traffic loads and offer the required safety thanks to its sophisticated security features. After all, stability and security are what make software and websites trustworthy.

5 – Smooth and responsive mobile interfaces

All the software included is designed to run on the most popular models of mobile phones and tablets. In addition, the responsiveness is great and it can easily adapt to any screen size for the best compatibility the players can get. Generally, the platform is quite light and can be run smoothly even on older devices.


Other important mobile betting features on software from Swissbet

Of course, Swissbet’s mobile betting solution comes with more features and characteristics that are worth mentioning. First of all, it’s very easy to install and has a quick setup. Also, it can be integrated in other Swissbet’s services like Gaming Platform or Online Sportsbook to give the punters a complete betting solution.

Still, the developers would love this mobile betting software due to its design flexibility and the wide support of all major mobile technologies. Except for Android and iOS, the software also supports PhoneGap, Angular.js, and many more development platforms that will make it easy for any developer to use.

When we talk about mobile applications, performance and functionality play an important role for the players and their overall betting experience. Swissbet’s mobile betting software provides quick and easy optimization in order to achieve that. Moreover, it offers user-friendly, ergonomic solutions that are compatible with all mobile web browsers.

If you want to give your application a more distinctive look, Swissbet can offer you a variety of front-end skins and other customizations at very affordable rates. If you add on that the full support of custom mobile development, then the developers can be as creative as they want to make unique mobile applications.

Not least among other things, we should point out that the software enables the launch of online betting products within specific time frames. With this feature, bookmakers can add quickly and easily any betting event they want to give punters the opportunity to bet on.


Μobile betting software for bookies through Swissbet: How to get it?

To benefit from the mobile betting software features, interested parties can get in touch with Swissbet using a variety of communication channels. You can send a message or place a call to Skype using the contact information found on the company website. The website also provides an email address that you can use to contact Swissbet with your questions.

Without social media, the platform wouldn’t be complete. The website’s top contains links to Swissbet’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. There, you can send a direct message to express your concerns or ask for more details about the mobile betting features on software. In addition, the website has a chat feature. Simply enter your name, email address, and the message you want to send. Soon, someone will get in touch with you.

Anyone interested in forming a partnership with Swissbet is given a contact form as a final resource. You must fill out the form with your name, nationality, and email address before the team can learn more about your game concept.


What other software will I get from Swissbet apart from mobile betting solution?

Swissbet offers a full suite of mobile betting software for bookies that is integrated with its global gaming platform. To provide the players with a more comprehensive and distinctive experience, it can also be combined with other sports betting products like the Live Betting platform.

Apart from mobile betting features on software, Swissbet can also offer their customers an advanced Sportsbook platform and an equally advanced Pre-Match betting software, all of which will give players the widest range of options and turn your website into a full-service sports betting option as if you had read the betting guide and walked in the customer’s shoes.

Last but not least, Swissbet’s website offers gaming options like the Microgaming or Softswiss Casino software, giving players a variety of gambling options. Considering that gamblers seek out diverse content, it makes sense that it will increase the number of customers you have. Swissbet is able to do that.