As a leading operator and provider of sports data, Swissbet offers an array of betting software features that help bookmakers make the best possible decisions in order to grow their business in every way possible when it comes to their platform. Added to that, Swissbet prematch betting software for bookies is designed to meet the specific requirements of regional customers and is fully integrated with their Gaming Platform. Apart from that, this prematch betting software offers comprehensive risk management and sophisticated scripts that are aimed at maximizing revenues.

So, if you’re looking for the best prematch betting software features, you have come to the right place. We’ll discuss all the essentials that come with this specific prematch betting software. This way you will have a better understanding if this is good enough for you and if is suits your needs. The best prematch betting software should let you customize cashout and bet details as per your needs. It will also show you how much you can potentially win by cashing out.


Swissbet’s 5 best prematch betting software features

Now, if you’ve been wondering what are the best features that our software provides, you need to take several things into account. The Swissbet prematch betting software is not a standalone product. Its core functionality is the integrated Gaming Platform, with its built-in, universal prematch betting software. As a result, the potential is immense, and in the section below, we will analyze the best features you can benefit from.

This way you will get an in-depth overview before deciding which software you will opt for.  it is seamlessly integrated into Swissbet products and can be combined with a manual data import system for regional market-specific requirements. Besides, Swissbet’s prematch betting scripts ensure the maximum revenue potential through risk management and advanced revenue maximizing scripts.



1 – Support of market-leading data feed providers

We are glad that our prematch betting software for bookies, comprises unique support of market-leading data feed providers such as Betradar, Betting Promotion, BetFair, Don Best, and others. As you can understand, it is possible to upgrade your existing feed and really go to the next level when talking about live streaming in the biggest leagues worldwide.


2 – Great widgets/Stats

Swissbet’s  prematch betting solution comes with a huge offering and among every significant feature, we are really proud of the Integration of statistical feeds and widgets. Note that you can give the possibility to every single player to even study and learn stats on major tournaments, events and even player stats and next fixtures.


3 – Real Time Odds change/blocking indicators

There is no great prematch betting software if the accuracy in odds change and display is not on time. That’s why, we’ve paid attention to every detail and created a software that facilitates real-time odds change tracking and timely market activation/blocking for the most adequate and relevant sports data display.

4 – Highlights option

Another great thing about this software is the fact that it is fully customizable. Among the personalized features you might want to set to your platform, we give bettors the opportunity to select their favourite events such as championships and teams. It is even possible to track your record and highlight your options.


5 – Interface according to the region

The software is seamlessly integrated into Swissbet products and can also be combined with a manual data import system for regional market-specific requirements. Here, you can largely exploit the great customization of our software. As a result, you can support any region-specific design versions such as European, American, Asian, or others.


Other important prematch betting features on software from Swissbet

Well, definitely the Swissbet prematch betting software comes with a lot more important features. We just covered a few basics, however, we want to cover every potential need and that’s why we will mention a few more. If you want to explore your options, this section will give you some extra hints in order to discover if this software is what you are up to.

To begin with, Swissbet’s prematch betting solution has a rather quick set-up and installation that will save you a lot of time and trouble. Moreover, the integration with the Gaming platform or other sports betting products by Swissbet is complete and smooth.

As we mentioned earlier, the customization is perhaps the most essential part of our software to cover every customer’s demand. That’s why, not only you can benefit from teams’ or events stats but also from upcoming events tables with updated info. Furthermore, bettors who are keen on waiting a little before the start of each event to bet, they will be able to check odds change with the relevant indicators.

All in all, this prematch betting software package, brings everything a modern operator needs. Opting for our solution, means that you will have the most detailed and accurate coverage on sporting events and markets from reliable data providers such as BetRadar. You will have full control of your betting content and you will easily track odds changes on timely manner. Above all, you will eventually improve the user experience and increase your revenues.


Prematch betting software for bookies through Swissbet: How to get it?

If all of the above sound intriguing and you are interested in learning more about Swissbet’s prematch betting software features or how you will get this solution, we have the answer. We are more than confident for our software and the offering that comprises a custom data import system from leading sports data providers. It incorporates sophisticated risk management features that maximize revenue and Swissbet is one of the few companies that has achieved Certified Partner status from Betradar.

To learn more about this prematch betting solution, you may contact us today! The first thing we will do is to examine your business’ needs. This way, we will better understand them, hence, we will select the best possible customized package. You will have to contact us through the relevant form on the main page of the prematch betting features on software by Swissbet. Our representatives will get back to you within a few hours and assist you in finding the best solution to cover your business needs.


What other software will I get from Swissbet apart from prematch betting solution?

Swissbet’s offering is not limited to the prematch betting software for bookies. You have to know that we provide engineered solutions for sports betting, online gaming, social games, and skill games. Our software is used by some of the most successful online casinos in the world. With Swissbet, you can set up your own casino or provide online gaming to existing customers. The company’s solutions help operators manage risk and revenue in an efficient manner.

Talking about sportsbook, definitely the prematch betting features on software by Swissbet is a top-notch product. Nonetheless, you will be glad to know that our offering also includes in-play betting and a betting exchange software. It incorporates advanced functionality and supports BetFair API. It also provides full management of custom commission rates and ensures comprehensive protection of user data.

Finaly, talking about casino, the list of Swissbet software solutions includes games from popular software providers, such as Microgaming and Quickfire. Microgaming’s games include the largest online Progressive Jackpot Network (PJN) whereas Quickfire offers over 500 games, 20 languages, and poker games.