Betfair is one of the popular UK betting exchanges with the largest market coverage across the globe and offers the highest liquidity. Apart from this, the start-ups who want to get into the betting business can go ahead with the Betfair white label.

It is the betting exchange with all the features and outlook of the main developer. However, the white-label platform is marked as ‘powered by Betfair’. If you are looking forward to opening an online betting site but do not want to do insurmountable tasks, then the white label betting exchange platform is the one for you. You just have to tweak the platform according to your target audience.

Moreover, when you opt for the white label sportsbook platform, you have to install the software and have your bookmaker site run up in no time. You can enjoy features to in-play betting everything on one platform. Here, decide on your betting exchange’s branding and color scheme and then launch your betting exchange.

Features Of Betfair White Label

Most Betfair white labels get the commission from the Betfair betting exchange itself, but they still have a risky business model.  Betfair being the licensed betting exchange, does not carry risk at all but these white label exchanges prove beneficial in the geo-restricted areas of Betfair.

Players who directly cannot access the Betfair exchange due to restrictions can use these white label ‘powered by Betfair’ betting exchanges.  So, the people from across the globe who cannot use Betfair directly due to geo-restrictions can very well use these white label exchanges. Some of its features are:

  • Earning Better Profits: Sports betting is one of the lucrative industries, and every year millions of bets are placed by the players. So, to make better commissions and maximum profit, the start-ups choose the white label platform.
  • Become a Part of the Growing Online Gambling Industry: People who want to be a part of the growing online gambling industry, white labels are the best option. Instead of putting efforts into procuring a license and deciding about market odds, you just have to decide about the branding.
  • Highest Market Liquidity: The Betfair betting exchange offers the most increased liquidity, and this is also the deciding factor when picking up the bookmaker. So, it goes similarly for the white label platforms too that are ‘powered by Betfair’.
  • No Struggle to Launch Your Betting Exchange: You have to pay the fee to the provider, and you can enjoy every type of sports betting feature offered by the supplier. There is no real struggle to be faced, and by installing the software, you can just start with this lucrative business.

Responsibilities Of the Betfair White Label Bookmakers

  • You need to administer the day-to-day sports betting activities, sportsbooks, online casino activities.
  • The website design and development is also to be managed by the white label bookmakers.
  • The whole work involving marketing and player acquisition is to be done by white label betting exchange owners.
  • The financial infrastructure also needs to be handled by the white label platform owners
  • The Betfair white label needs to provide the first line of support for the customers


Betfair offers a wide variety of gambling products to its customers, and being a reputed bookmaker with higher returns, it’s been opted by everyone. So, the players who even see the brands with the same features and marketing odds “powered by Betfair” will like to go ahead with the brand. As a white label bookmaker, you need to be quite welcoming towards your players and offer them the required support always. This white label betting exchange works as the franchise model to share profits and a fixed fee with the operators. So, choose Betfair white label wisely if you are new to the gambling world.