SWISSBET Corporationa Swiss-based provider of software solutions for sports betting industry – is opening its own set of articles dedicated to the issues of starting and maintaining online betting enterprises.

Sports betting industry never stands still. Online gambling operators and investors are in constant search of new and emerging opportunities to spread the global sports betting realm. The search goes on in all corners of the Earth, and as this process progressed, “the Black Continent” – Africa, has emerged as one of the most promising and lucrative sports betting playgrounds.

In recent years certain African countries have experienced massive outbreaks of online betting activity. The progress is most significant in South Africa, where, in line with the latest statistics, more than half of adult population is involved in gambling activities on a regular basis. The country is free for foreign internet gambling sites and providers, and currently such prominent worldwide operators as SportsBet, Ladbrokes, are actively expanding their client base in the country.  Apart from South Africa, sports betting is booming in such states like Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Uganda, Namibia and the list is growing.

African market features a number of significant advantages that help it stand out among the others, the most prominent of them being:

favourable gambling legislation  (gambling law is changing in many countries in Africa)

governmental support of the market development (mild taxation, numerous business climate development initiatives)

significant involvement of the population in sports events (especially popular are football, rugby and horse racing)

extensive clients base (tens of millions of people, involvement in sports betting reaches up to 80% of adult population)

Yet, if you plan to invest your funds in African sports betting operations, you need to be aware of certain specific market conditions and peculiarities. This knowledge will help to make adequate choices of business models and solutions to use.

Due to the generally limited Internet bandwidth on the continent, market operators actively use various mobile services. Mobile money is generally a widely spread means of payment, a sort of a substitute for the traditional online payment gateways and expensive banking services, where all transactions are conveniently passed between two mobile devices.

Also, a major stake in African revenues derive from local betting kiosks and shops, that resort to the old school line printing practices and paperwork.  This is again due to a small figures of Internet penetration on the continent and a generally low level of computer literacy among the population. All the described peculiarities should by all means be taken into account by future gambling operators in Africa in order to deliver the most optimized gambling solutions for the local population.

On the whole, the figures of sports betting business development in Africa can far outnumber the likes in various other parts of the world. Also,  sports betting offers employment, quick money for patrons, tax revenue for the governments and delivers considerable contributions to the overall economic growth. The benefits of sports betting across Africa far outweigh the negative sides, and it represents economic investments that are constantly searched for by all local governments. Consequently, the betting machine in Africa is set to roll on for the years to come and it is definately worth to take your shot on this ever growing market which is still far from reaching its true and maximum performance and turnovers.

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